My Proven Marketing Strategies
Are Proven to Grow Your Sales, Profits,
and Cash Flow for Your Business

Whether you’re an internet marketer, small business owner, or entrepreneur… these proven marketing tactics will help you get more customers, generate more sales and profits, and improve your cash flow… turning your business around immediately!

There’s no doubt… a lot of businesses are struggling right now because of the economy.

I’ve been there, like many of you in 2008, I thought I was going to have to throw in the towel. I was soo embarrassed my business was failing, I didn’t want to go home in the evening because I couldn’t even face my wife. This was right around the holiday time. I can remember having to tell her, I didn’t think we were going to be able to buy any holiday gifts, and I’ve never been in a situation like that before.

When I saw the look on her face, I vowed to make a change. Two days later I got an email from Guerrilla Marketing about an event at Jay’s house in Debary Florida. I maxed out my last american express card, bought into the event and realized the differences between businesses that are falling further into debt each month or worse… closing their doors for good.

But on the other hand… some businesses are INCREASING their sales and profits, beating the recession, and even having RECORD years. What’s more, they’re doing it without spending a lot of money on advertising.

What makes all the difference? Why are some businesses closing while others are profiting more than ever WHILE spending less money?

Honestly… the businesses that are attracting huge amounts of new customers and reaching new levels of profitability are marketing in a VERY specific way!

In fact, if you learn how to market this way, you’ll set sales records for your business.

And that’s why I’m here.

Are you sick and tired of watching other businesses prosper… and not yours? Have you bought courses or books about marketing… but they’ve just gotten you nowhere?

Do you ever get confused because there are just too many so-called “marketing gurus” out there? Would you like to get more leads and customers… so you can increase your sales, profits, and cash-flow of your business?

If you can answer “Yes” to any or all the above… keep reading because I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal the marketing secrets I’ve used to build several VERY profitable businesses.

What’s more, these same marketing secrets can make YOUR business more profitable by helping you get more customers, sales, and profits.

Who Can You Trust? Who Do You Listen To?

Maybe you’ve already bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of books or marketing courses from all the “gurus”.

But the problem is… with so many “marketing courses” out there, it can be confusing. Who do you listen to? Who do you follow?

And worse… you can never find everything you need in just one program. You have to learn about certain marketing techniques from one course and other marketing techniques from another… and put them together just to get the complete picture.

Without one good program… you end up spending a ton of time, wasting a ton of money, and experiencing a bunch of frustration.

You really need someone to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to market your business from A to Z… so you’re able to grow your sales, profits, and cash flow without spending or wasting a lot of money.

Well, that’s why I’m here.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Michael Tasner and I’m the former Chief Marketing Officer and Master Trainer for Guerrilla Marketing International… a company famous for its marketing.

Over the years, my marketing methods have helped generate millions of dollars in sales in many competitive markets.

I’ve achieved phenomenal success with my own businesses and I’ve produced significant increases in sales and profits for thousands of businesses. So I’ve “been there and done that when it comes to marketing.”

After years of running my own businesses, working with clients, and tracking thousands of promos… I’ve discovered proven marketing strategies that ANY business can use to boost their conversions, sales, and profits.

I’ve also implemented them in hundreds of different businesses and have seen explosions in sales of 75%, 125%, even 200% when making a few changes.

In fact, the key to making more money in any business is maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing. After all, it’s not always the businesses that have the best products or services that makes the most money.

The businesses that make the most money simply know how to market BETTER than the competition.

99% of your success or failure will come directly from your ability to market. Having better marketing is not only the key to making your business more profitable…

It’s also the key to Beating your Competition…

No matter what you sell… I’ve discovered many effective marketing strategies that you can use to double or even triple your sales, profits, and cash flow as well.

Because I’ve been marketing for so long and have run several profitable businesses, I can solve marketing problems you may be having in your business. And as a result of solving those problems…YOUR sales increase and YOUR business profits.

Imagine learning proven marketing techniques that sell an extra $10,000 or $20,000 a month in products? Or adding cross-sell, upsell, or promotional ideas that will bring in additional streams of income… with hardly any additional work on your part!

If you want to attract more customers to your business so you generate more profits… I can show you what really works and what doesn’t.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and small business owners increase their sales and profits for years… and I can help your business get NEW business.

My proven marketing ideas are not based on theory… they’re based on the results I’ve gotten from running thousands of marketing tests. I know what works and what doesn’t.

My years of “in the trenches” skills and experience will help you make more sales and the most money possible. I’ve been running my own businesses and helping clients for years… and the result of using good marketing is almost always an increase in sales and income.

The most successful businesses use proven marketing tactics to gain more customers and sales. Having effective marketing systems for getting new customers, keeping your existing ones and generating extra sales from them means you’re never at the mercy of the economy.

I’ve learned marketing strategies designed to help you get more customers and increase the effectiveness of all your promotions… turning them into profit producing tools with very little additional cost to you.

While most Small Business owners are Struggling and Losing Business, I’ll help INCREASE your Revenue…

I’m going to show you how to DOMINATE your competition in your business… by using marketing secrets your competitors don’t know.

No matter what industry your business is in… I’ll show you how to apply extremely powerful marketing strategies that can double… even triple the sales for your small business… gaining tons of new customers.

I’ve learned that you can’t rely on marketing methods that worked even 5 years ago!

Phone books are dead and your customers are no longer searching for you there! And even though newspapers can still be a viable method of advertising your business, their readership has been dying for years now.

The truth is that the majority of people are simply going online to get the information they need. That’s bad news for the small business owner who may have relied on newspapers or phone books to attract new customers… but, it’s GOOD NEWS if you understand how to market in these new times.

And guess what… none of your competitors know how.

Don’t let Your Business Go Bankrupt

Your small business will be left in the dust IF you don’t understand how to market properly and get more exposure in these new times.

Offline advertising, email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and other traditional methods can get customers and increases your sales.

Honestly… the businesses that are attracting huge amounts of new customers and reaching higher levels of profits are using NEW marketing tactics to attract new business! Many have doubled and tripled their sales and profits by simply using Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

I will give you a step-by-step action plan that focuses on the most important marketing techniques to increase sales and your profits, allowing you to drop the non-productive stuff.

Over the years, I’ve run thousands of split tests and collected the most powerful marketing techniques. I’ve spent years putting my own marketing through rigorous testing and tweaking. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and I’m POSITIVE I can help you increase the sales, profits, and cash flow in your business.

This is going to be huge in terms of additional revenue and more money to your bottom line.

If you’re just starting out, the marketing process can be confusing and complicated.

After all… when trying to build a successful business or grow the sales of an existing one, there are so many so-called “gurus” out there. With so many so-called “marketing” guides… it becomes confusing and frustrating! And the worst part is… if you don’t know what you’re doing… you can end up wasting a ton of time and a LOT of money.

You need step by step tactics you can implement immediately. I’m talking… A to Z … do this and then do that. You don’t want read twenty different books. You want ONE place you can learn everything you need.
Well, the good news is, you can skip the learning curve that most businesses go through. When I realized how many businesses were struggling because of poor marketing. I came up with a very affordable way to help as many businesses as I could to learn the marketing tactics needed to skyrocket sales, profits, and cash flow.

I compiled ALL the secrets I’ve learned over the years of running several very profitable businesses… powerful strategies that have taken me years to learn and develop… and put these marketing tactics in an easy-to-follow step-by-step online course you can use to double or even triple your sales and profits.

These marketing techniques can help you turn leads into new customers at a higher rate than you’ve ever imagined. You can harness the most powerful marketing methods ever created for attracting new customers, sales, and profits.

If you’d like to recession-proof your business, expand your profits, and get MORE customers…

Introducing “Guerrilla Marketing Training”… your Step by Step PLAN for Exploding Profits!

I want to give you the very first online marketing course of its kind that shows you, step by step, how to build a highly profitable business using proven marketing methods.

This is different than any other course because it literally gives you every single profitable and effective marketing technique you need. I’m talking REAL steps and tactics to work with, starting at step one. I’ll show you what to do first, second, third… all the way up until you’re making a steady profit.

This web based marketing training course will give you ALL of the marketing information you need and will deliver in weekly modules. There are 14 weeks’ worth of content. This is a step by step system that I’ve used in hundreds of other businesses across different niches.

I’ll show you how to track to see if your marketing is working. You’ll learn how to test, improve your results, and keep tweaking to make more money.

I’ll give you everything you need, step by step, to grow your sales and profits. This saves you time and money by eliminating the unnecessary tactics other “gurus” pitch.

This is the Last Marketing Course You’ll ever Need

This course is all-inclusive and covers every single important area of marketing that leads to sales and profits.

It includes checklists, training videos, e-books, whitepapers, literally EVERYTHING you need. Instead of trying to learn from 20 other marketing “gurus” … now you’ll have everything you need, all in one place, under one roof.

By learning the techniques in this marketing course… you can start getting loads of new customers and explode your profits. These marketing strategies that you’ll learn in this course could double or triple your revenue.

The online marketing strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, advanced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising methods… and so many more… all laid out in simple step-by-step tactics.

You’ll Come Away with a Step by Step, Paint-by-Numbers Marketing System

With this course, I share all my marketing knowledge though a comprehensive, step-by-step online program. I reveal every tool and secret strategy I’ve used to grow several successful businesses.

All the info, resources and answers you’ll ever need are here. Everything from A to Z in how to market a business so you immediately increase sales, profits, and cash flow.

Every business can use this to increase sales, profits, and cash flow. No more being confused as to what it takes. I’ve been in the trenches and I know what it takes.

You’ll never have to buy another “marketing course”, listen to another “so-called guru” or hear about the latest product launch again. This is your opportunity to build a wildly profitable business and enjoy an amazing life.

You’re not going to find a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo or difficult concepts.
What you WILL find is simply the fastest, most profitable turn-key marketing techniques
that you can use to start growing your bank account!

Just Some Of What You’ll Find in the Program…

Module 1: Strategy and Planning -Tracking your marketing so You Know what works-Deploying your marketing (tactics) to start bringing in customers

Module 2: Online Marketing (Social Media, SEO, Blog Marketing, Video Marketing, Paid Ads, Retargeting, Ad Buying) These are new times and you need to be online if you’re going to be successful

The SEO methods will catapult your site right to the top of the Google and Bing search engine rankings… ahead of all of your competitors! You’ll learn the incredibly powerful way to use Facebook and other social media sites to drive massive amounts of customers to your business. Youtube other video sites can be an extremely powerful tool to add to your arsenal.

Module 3: Offline Marketing (Advertising on TV, Direct Mail, Radio) Offline marketing still works. People still love getting mail and watching TV… these offline marketing tactic can work with your online ones to double or triple your sales.

Module 4: Automating Your Marketing (Auto Sales Funnel, CRM) Setting up an online business means you can automate everything so that it works for you, 24/7. This means you can make money, literally while you sleep!

Module 5: Marketing to Current Customers ( Strategies, Tactics, CRM) You may have heard that “the money is in the list” or “the money is in the back end” and that’s 100% true. You’ll learn marketing methods that persuade past customers to keep buying from you, over and over again.

This is designed to be the last or only marketing course you’ll ever need.

This course is a must-have in today’s economy and marketplace. Anyone looking to grow a business… or grow sales for the company you work for… this gives you all the materials and step by step instructions on how to grow your profits.

This course will give you EVERYTHING you need to grow your business through guerrilla marketing, both online and offline.

You can use this to take your businesses to the next level. It really is a step by step fool-proof system that takes you all the way to making your business a profitable success.

Each step-by-step lesson is simple and tactic-oriented. So it’s perfect for anyone interested in making more money with their business, no matter where you are now. Each module carefully walks you through the critical tasks that owners often find challenging, helping you overcome any problems that could potentially cause problems.

From search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, offline advertising, and more… there’s a module for virtually every major step you need to take. So there’s never any guesswork.

This program has been designed and developed to help you make your business more profitable using strategies and techniques that I’ve personally used to make several businesses very successful. It’s a complete, step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand and show-you-what-to-do program for those motivated to have a very successful business.

Here’s Just A Sample Of What You’ll Learn

  • The most powerful way to get top search engine rankings for your business!
  • How to automate your entire business to work 24/7 for you
  • Learn powerful persuasion techniques to get more people to buy
  • How to buy cost-effective advertising, both online and off
  • How to use social media to get thousands of visitors and increase sales instantly.
  • How to get more leads and prospects who want to buy now
  • How to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site
  • How to keep selling to your customers over and over again
  • Quick tips for Google AdWords and other PPC
  • Using articles and Blogs to get tons of free traffic to your site
  • How to build your business using TV
  • The quick ways to use direct mail to skyrocket profits
  • How to drive FREE targeted traffic to your site or blog with video marketing
  • How to use social media to get lots of traffic and leads to your sites
  • New ways to promote your business and increase sales at low cost
  • How you can increase the effectiveness of every marketing dollar you spend
  • How to slash your marketing costs and increase sales.
  • The easiest way to outsell your competition in an overcrowded marketplace
  • Classic, effective marketing tactics that compel prospects to buy from you
  • How to reduce the money you’re spending on advertising.
  • How your marketing can eliminate cash flow problems… forever!
  • Discover the secret to automating your business so you can make more money
  • Where to blog and get BIG TRAFFIC
  • The HUGE power of TV ads and how they can double your earnings!
  • How to keep customers coming back and spending more with you!
  • The world’s most powerful online sales technique that works like crazy!
  • The “sneaky” (but legal and ethical) way to persuade more people to buy!
  • How to generate more traffic to your site and increase the conversion rate
  • Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook Campaigns – how to get them profitable
  • Social media campaigns- how to get others to send you traffic!

That’s just a sample. You can quickly learn all the steps that are critical to making the most money with your business and avoid the costly and time-consuming mistakes.

All the Marketing Tools You Need in One Place

Instead of trying to pull information from 20 different places or from 20 different gurus… this is the only and LAST marketing course you’ll ever need.

I can honestly say this is the only step-by-step marketing course that gives you the proven techniques and strategies you need to succeed. I’ll provide you with everything you need, ALL the very best tips, techniques, and money-making tactics you can use.

You simply follow the step-by-step instructions. You don’t have to spend more time, effort, or money reading courses about marketing. You don’t have to make the same mistakes or waste the time and money on trial and error. You can follow the steps and use these proven tactics. The modules lead you from point A to point B just like a map.

Unlike books that give ideas but no specific steps for how to actually succeed in your business…this gives you the entire process for running a VERY profitable business.

If you’d like to learn exactly what it is you need to do to watch your sales and profits grow with your business… you’ll want to get this now. Everything is laid out for you in complete detail. Everything you need to know about marketing your business is explained in clear, simple steps, so you’ll be able to eliminate the trial and error.

You’ll never get such a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step marketing plan for your business. This can literally save you years… and thousands of dollars on all the marketing courses and e-books.

This is the first and only step-by-step online course that actually breaks everything down to a simple, easy to understand process that you can use to get your business more profitable. It takes away any guesswork because it gives you all the resources, tools, and advice to help you make more sales and profits fast.

Most important, it prevents you from making very costly mistakes and takes away frustration. The course will take you from the beginning point… following the steps is practically fool-proof. You get an A to Z System that covers EVERYTHING. If you follow the steps, you’ll know exactly what specific marketing strategies and tools really work!

So How Much Does This Cost?

Well, if you spent your time trying to learn this stuff by trial and error or buying a ton of different courses, you’d spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars.

This online course will save you countless hours, thousands of dollars, and a TON trial and error. After all, there are many different things you need to learn about in order to build a successful and profitable business. That’s why I cover every aspect of Marketing in great detail in this course. You’ll get an extremely detailed plan that will pay for itself in all the extra money and profits it brings.

Let me ask… if the only thing this course did was give you a real, step by step plan you could use to make thousands of more dollars each week with your business… it would be worth at least $1,000, yes?

If the only thing it did was give you actual marketing strategies and tactics that return $3 to $4 for every $1 you invest in your business… it would be worth $1,000, right? If the only thing it did was help you get rid of all the other confusing “advice”… so you only had to focus on proven money makers, that would be worth $1,000, yes?

If the only thing it did was help to build a 7-figure or 8-figure business, it would be worth $1,000, right? If the only thing this did was save you from wasting more of your hard earned money on all the scams out there… it would be worth $1,000, right?

Well, here’s the good news. This course does every single one of those things, and more! But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay $1,000. It won’t cost $700 or even $600. When you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total investment only comes to $497.

The Reason Why it’s so Inexpensive…

When I sell this later this year as part of a PRINTED course, it’s going to cost $997.

Since my goal is to get as many success stories as possible for the launch later, I want to offer a price break if you act now. So if you act right now and you’re willing to share your success story, you can get this for a one-time fee of just $497.

You’ll get hundreds of tips and ideas that can help you to make 10 times or more the initial investment made in the course. I want to make this course affordable and a great value for every business owner to help grow your business to entirely new levels.

Just think… even gaining just 1 or 2 new customers from these powerful techniques could easily pay you back for the investment in this course. In fact, follow what I teach and you could make your investment back the first week. One tiny $497 investment could return $4,970, $49,700, $497,000 or more.

I’ll be honest… even if you invested $2,000 in my course… it would be worth it because you’ll have every profit-producing technique, strategy, and tactic I’ve used in my profitable businesses. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you, step by step, how to truly make your business more profitable in less time.

You’ll get hands-on “how to” marketing advice on how to get the most out of your existing marketing… as well as techniques that will increase your sales, profits, and cash flow in your business. It’s an affordable way to get the profitable advice that someone with years of marketing experience can give you.

Order Now and Get These Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

To make it even easier for you to say “Yes” right now… I’m going to give you these bonuses worth well over .

Free Bonus #1: One day live event. ($1497 value)

Free Bonus #2: I’m also going to give a ton of bonus e-books (linkedIn, Facebook, etc) I’m also giving swipe files. There will be some mini courses included.

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

My intention is to give you everything you need to get your marketing working and making money. But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you by letting you use it at my expense!

Here’s what I mean… Go ahead and order my course right now and take a full 30 days to try it out. If you’re not completely thrilled and 100% satisfied with what it does for your business, just ask and you’ll receive a full and total refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. That means I’m taking all the risk.

This is the Most Profitable Investment You Can Make

This course won’t cost you money… it will make you money. You can use the techniques to get a 100% or more increase in sales! A 100% increase in sales could mean tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in profits.

For a reasonable, one-time investment… you could potentially make an extra six-figures (or more) in the first few months. That means for every $1 you invest could return $2, $5, $8, or more in actual orders generated.

Without a doubt, this investment will be returned many times over from additional revenue and profits that my marketing strategies produce for your business. I want you to be able to USE the advice to make at least 10 times your investment back.

I don’t want you to have to pay thousands on a bunch of other courses, e-books, and programs. That’s why I made this available… so that you don’t have to.

Look… if your business isn’t the success you really want it to be…this will increase your bottom line and help your ENTIRE business profit. Your sales and cash flow can increase… allowing you to cruise ahead of your competition.

It’s NEVER Been This Easy to Succeed in Business:

If you’re among the majority of businesses who are not using the kind of persuasive marketing you need… you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. In the long run, it will cost you more in lost sales than what you’d spend for proven marketing techniques.

This is a complete, A-Z blueprint and guide for growing your own profitable business a lot faster and easier. You’ll get specific, proven marketing strategies for instantly boosting the effectiveness of your promos… which brings in more customers, sales, and profits.

Only a few key things make most of your money and profits, and I can show you how to JUST focus on those things… ignoring the rest. The result is a sudden increase in your sales and income.
Remember… running a business could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars or more in wasted money if you don’t know what you’re doing. This can save you a whole lot of time, effort, and money by showing you all the steps you need to take in order to make more money with your business.

Stop the trial-and-error and endless frustration of trying to make your business more profitable on your own. Use my course as your shortcut guide to building a profitable business that gives you the money and lifestyle you deserve!

If you’re the first one to use my marketing ideas, not only will you get more new business and increase your sales… you’ll also cruise ahead of your competition. Don’t let the competition get your customers. And don’t become another victim of this shattered economy.

If you’d like to recession-proof your business, expand your profits, and get MORE customers… if you’d you like to double your sales and profits… you need someone with a proven record of delivering results.

YOUR business CAN get more customers, sales, and profits. This will be one of the best returns on investment you can do for your business. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or what shape the economy is in. If you want to attract more customers to your business and generate more profits… stop wasting time and money on wrong marketing!

Your business will be left in the dust if you don’t start marketing right.

Here’s what to do now: Click below and order now.

Only $497


P.S. One year from today, you’ll either STILL be where you are now… or you’ll be where you want to be. The real question is… where? If you want to be somewhere different, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re doing.

If you’re at all serious about having a very profitable business… grab my course and you’ll have every marketing technique, strategy, and tip that I’ve learned in years of business. Take action and invest wisely in your business!

Only $497

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