Creating a Memorable Theme Line

It doesn’t cost you one penny to develop a winning, lasting, and memorable theme line. A theme line is a set of words that describes the spirit of your company. “You’re in good hands with Allstate.” “Be all that you can be.” “In the valley of the jolly Green Giant.” I think you get the point. Your theme line should be created to last a century or longer. Instead of changing every few years, it should never be changed, for it increases in strength each year. The Green Giant started becoming jolly in the 1930’s and today is as jolly as ever. Mr. Clean never looks dirty to me. You should use your theme line wherever you can: in your advertising, on your website, email signature, on your business cards, stationery, even your tattoo, if you have one. Many Harley-Davidson owners have tattoos of their emblem , the ultimate in brand loyalty. That theme line grows from your identity and makes people think lofty thoughts about you whenever they see or hear it. Combined with your meme, your theme — an unintentional rhyme — gives you double-barreled memorability. That means you should create it with the future in mind, not using words or phrases that may soon be outdated. Once you have it, hold it up to the light of uniqueness. If it reminds you of any other company’s theme line, abandon it and get something you can call your own. Ideally, your theme line will be only a few words. If you want it to fit on a business card or in the Yellow Pages, you’ve just got to keep it short. Unlike Coca-Cola, which has had a series of brilliant theme lines, you won’t have to change yours due to overexposure. Deep down, I think Coke has frequently had a theme line they could use forever, but I guess that they get tired of it after investing several billion bucks promoting it.

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