Creative Marketing Produces Profits

Guerrillas have only one definition of creativity in marketing: It’s something that generates profits for their business. Big profits? Very creative. No profits? Not creative. Creativity in marketing has everything to do with profitability and nothing to do with awards and compliments. It’s true that the most enjoyable aspect of the marketing process is usually the creativity that’s involved. And if you want to make your small business big, you should realize that creativity applies to every aspect of the process. But let’s begin by looking into how you can make your marketing itself creative. Then we’ll explore how you can be creative in media selection, marketing planning, and public relations. Almost any marketing person worth his or her salt will tell you that marketing is not creative unless it sells the offering. You can be fairly certain that you will have creative marketing if you first devise a creative strategy. Such a strategy is similar to a marketing plan but is limited to marketing materials only—and directed solely at their content.

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