A Guide to Make Guerrilla Marketing Work for You

A business or company can make use of a wide variety of marketing strategies, but the type of tactics to be used will depend on the business needs. For small businesses, guerrilla marketing might be what you exactly need. It is definitely not easy for a small business to compete with the big and popular brands, which is why you need to be equipped with a guide on how to combat the challenges you will be facing. And, a guerrilla marketing strategy might come in handy. With guerrilla marketing, you will be able to reach out to a large number of audiences without having to spend a lot. And just like in Guerrilla Warfare, you will be required to be strategic and imaginative to make sure that you leave a lasting mark or impression on your audience. If a business or company is able to produce a creative and clever campaign, it will be enough to spread and go viral. This useful strategy is excellent for small businesses to adopt because of the fact that it is low-cost and it has the ability to reach a large audience, if and only if, the tactics are implemented properly.

In order to help you get started, here are some tips to make guerrilla marketing strategies work for you:

Make it clever and memorable

The ability to make your campaign be retained to your audience will depend on how clever you make it. If you make it smart, it would be more memorable.

Make it interactive and dynamic

Get unknown participants involved. This is one way to do guerrilla marketing.

Make it charming and endearing

Interact with your target audience by incorporating some free giveaways. Everybody does love all things free, who doesn’t? While it could be the most costly guerrilla marketing tactic, it might go a long way.

Make it memorable

In order to make your brand memorable, you have to be able to come up with something unique and something that will catch their attention. In that way, whenever they see your campaign, they will be able to automatically think of your brand.

Make it subtle

You can deliver your message indirectly and subtly if you are creative enough. In that way, it will spark the interest and attention of your audience.

What are the examples of Guerrilla Marketing?

Grassroots “Astroturf” advertisements

This is about creating a popular blog that draws your target audience in, and then you try to gain their trust, so you can begin to sell your services to them. These methods and strategies are inexpensive, but it is very crucial for you to be very clever to make grassroots marketing methods work. However, this one’s worth a try because it sure is one of the most effective methods out there.

Flyer placement

Distributing flyers is a little less complicated but make sure you get it done in high-traffic areas. And if you want to keep the costs low, you do not have to really hire somebody to do it for you. You can have friends or family members to do it so that you can eliminate the expenses.

Downtime marketing

In order to implement this method, the only things you will need are time, energy, and imagination. What you will have to do is to place yourself in front of potential customers or audience where they will have to focus their time and attention to you.

Clean tagging

Clean tagging is also referred to as “green graffiti.” An example is using a chalk that can get easily washed away or writing a plug for your business on a dirty wall or building.

Hand to hand marketing

Hand to hand marketing or “tissue-pack marketing” is all about giving customers a flyer that they will not immediately toss into the trash. It is about giving them something more valuable, something that they can hang on to longer. You will never know how far the hand to hand marketing can actually go when it comes to effectively promoting your product.

Buzz marketing

Examples of the buzz marketing most people do these days are the ones they do in social media. You can easily create a buzz when you’re able to come up with something catchy and clever which you can post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Buzz marketing is also about coming up with something that people can talk about, something that can go viral by word of mouth.

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