How to be Creative in Your Marketing

The key to creative marketing is a smart creative strategy. The test of creative marketing is profits. If what you want to sell doesn’t generate profits for your business, you are not truly being creative. Your creative challenge is not over. Creativity doesn’t end with the creation of your marketing. Once you’ve established your marketing weapons—in the form of your website, the wording of your email, your ads, commercials, blog, signs, circulars, and/or store decor—you must be creative in the way you use them. I know of a deodorant company that introduced its product via TV advertising during the winter. Why advertise in the winter, when people aren’t buying as much deodorant? Because this company lacked the funds to go head-to-head with the big guys. Instead of vying for public attention during the summer, when its competition would be fierce, the company advertised its product and attracted attention during the winter, when it had the stage to itself. There are other ways to be creative. Have your personal letters hand-delivered or send them via Express Mail, Federal Express, or via an out-of-the-ordinary delivery service. Canvass creatively by wearing a unique outfit and handing a small gift to each prospect. Put your signs in unusual places, such as in the hands of paid picketers (this is a unique but real marketing vehicle). In the Yellow Pages, you can be creative with the size of your ad, its message, color, and its graphic treatment. Be creative in the use of newspaper advertising by running six small ads in one issue rather than one large one. Be creative in your e-mail and on your website. If your advertisements generate profits for your company, you’re succeeding at being creative. If not, you’ve got more work to do. Visit our website for more blogs.

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