Internet is the Top Place to Market

Everybody knows the three main secrets of a guerrilla marketing location: Internet, Internet, Internet. It’s not the corner building downtown anymore. It’s not the high-rent spot in the mall. It’s not the high traffic place right off the freeway exit. It’s online — on the computer screens of the millions of people who use the Internet before they leave the house for any purchase. In many instances, 90 percent of them look online before they look anywhere else. Why not? The selection is so vast. The time is so short. The parking is so easy. Suddenly, the high-rent district is replaced by the no-rent district. The world is, indeed, learning to shop and buy things a new way. That way is on the Internet. To increasing numbers, it’s becoming the only way. Nearly 75 percent of Americans are online an average of almost 14 hours a week, and those figures rise each month. These people are spending less time with books, magazines, and newspapers. And their TV consumption is 37 percent less than Internet non-users. The Internet is growing at a faster rate than any other medium. Does that sound like a prime location or not? If someone you know or respect recommends a product, that carries more weight than if you (as a business owner) or a salesperson recommends it. That’s only one of the reasons why guerrillas obtain, publish, and lean upon testimonials. Some of the other reasons are that testimonials are free, easy to get, timeless, readily available, and flexible to empower many other weapons. They are also believed. One of the biggest business oversights is failure to get a testimonial, even though all it takes is a simple request. Think of how fortunate you are to be able to afford a top-flight, extremely visible, increasingly popular location. Whether they want to search for, learn about, or buy products or services, people hasten online before they hasten anywhere else. The Internet is getting better, bigger, simpler, and more valuable by the day. If your location is not smack dab in the middle of it, you’re going to be lost. And prospects won’t find you where they are looking these days.

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