Let Your Personality Shine in Your Business

Take a moment to understand clearly the crucial difference between an image and an identity. Image implies something artificial, something that is not genuine. Identity defines what your business is really about, your personality. You have one, you know. Let’s just hope it’s what you want it to be. If you put it in writing, it’s more likely to be you want it to be. A business owner gets together with his staff and they develop an image, which is defined by many dictionaries as “a façade.” Their marketing plan reflects the image they choose. However, if customers find that the business isn’t exactly what they expected, they will feel distrustful of the company. One way is to prepare a simple document that you give only to first-time buyers. When a person buys anything from you, there’s a phenomenon known as the “moment of maximum satisfaction.” – the MMS. It lasts from the moment of the sale to 30 days after that. During that time, people are most likely to talk about your company. Partly, this is due to the enthusiasm they feel. Partly, it helps to justify their purchase in their minds. So if you hand them a brief document summarizing the best benefits you offer, you’ll be putting the right words in the right mouths at the right time.No wonder you’ll get a large number of word-of-mouth customers. Another business owner gets together with his staff and they identify their identity—they base it on truth. Their marketing reflects this identity. People come in and see that the business is exactly what they expected. They feel relaxed. They know they can trust this company. Which of these two business owners is the guerrilla? What’s better for your company, a phony image or an honest identity? We both know the right answers.

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