Why Small Businesses Need Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is quite not like the traditional marketing strategy which largely relies on paid advertising. With guerrilla marketing, you do not depend on big budget for ads because it sends its message across to your audience and consumers through creative, unique and interactive medium. And more importantly, it does not require you to spend so much just to get your brand exposed.

Small and big companies alike have adopted guerrilla marketing in their marketing strategies, and it has worked wonders. It can work wonders for you, too, so long as it is implemented correctly and properly. If you are just starting out with your business, regardless of its size, you may think that it is a risky thing to do, but it is actually worth trying, especially when you think about the benefits and advantages it can bring you.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you need guerrilla marketing for your small business.

1. It is inexpensive

One of the reasons why guerrilla marketing is an excellent idea for small businesses is because it is inexpensive. For businesses that are just starting out, there might not be enough funds for advertising and this is where guerrilla marketing comes in. You do not need to have a big budget to get your brand exposed. You can get your name out in the public by means of creativity and imagination. Some small businesses make use of graffiti, custom wallpapers, and other low-cost, yet catchy and attractive visuals. Another new way to do guerrilla marketing today is by projecting videos and images in public places to draw the attention of the crowd, although this one’s need a permit in order to be performed.

2. It is unique and memorable

Because the strategies in guerrilla marketing are unique, they also become memorable. The idea or your concept is something that gets retained in the memory of your audience because it is nothing like they have ever seen somewhere, with any other brand or business. The uniqueness of your strategy is what’s going to make you stand out, and you will easily be remembered.

However, you also have to be aware that your success will not happen overnight even if you adopt guerrilla marketing strategies. Your brand will not become viral instantly, although you have a good chance to be a topic of discussion in the social media channels and that means an increased opportunity to become well-known.

Since you are not required to pay a hefty price in guerrilla marketing, what you need is to invest time, energy and effort in brainstorming for ideas. You also need to spend an ample time for research. You need to customize your strategy based on your audience and the ones that will consume it. Apart from knowing your audience, you also need to know your competitors and be familiar with what their strategies are. You won’t want to imitate them and that is why you need to create something unique, original and brand new.

3. It is ideal for businesses who sell products and services

While guerrilla marketing is not just limited to companies that sell products and services, these are the types of businesses that can take advantage of the guerrilla marketing strategies.

4. It is exciting and interesting

The beauty of guerrilla marketing is that it is fun, and interesting. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make use of your creativity and imagination to increase the visibility of your brand. You can definitely have a freehand on however you want to showcase your brand. But while there are really no written rules on how you should make your guerrilla marketing strategy, you still need to make sure that you are careful not to sound offensive, discriminating, or insulting to anyone. You do not want bad publicity for you brand.

It may be daunting task to come up with a strategy because it takes a lot of brainstorming, but it will be worth it. It will be rewarding, especially when you know that it did not take up a lot of your budget but the return is something you weren’t really expecting. This is the kind of advertising that will allow you to reach as much audience as you can, something that you didn’t think was going to be possible.

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