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16 Secrets to Small Business Success

If you have a small business and want it to become a large business, forget it—until you put these sixteen secrets into practice. If you allow these concepts to become part of your mental marketing framework, you’ve got a giant head start on those who do not. So as not to keep you in suspense any longer, I’ll reveal the secrets right here and now. They can be summarized in sixteen words, each ending with a handy memory crutch for you: the letters “ent”: commitment, investment, consistent, confident, patient, assortment, subsequent, convenient, amazement, measurement, involvement, dependent, armament, consent, content, and augment. To make you an even happier guerrilla, keep in mind that these sixteen words come with a guarantee. If you memorize all sixteen and run your business by the concepts they represent, you will exceed your most optimistic projections. Memorize only fifteen and don’t blame me if things go awry on your trip to the promised land.

1. You must have commitment to your marketing program.
2. Think of that program as an investment.
3. See to it that your program is consistent.
4. Make your prospects confident in your firm.
5. You must be patient in order to keep a commitment.
6. You must see that marketing is an assortment of weapons.
7. You must know that profits come subsequent to the sale.
8. You must aim to run your firm in a way that makes it convenient for your customers.
9. Put an element of amazement in your marketing.
10. Use measurement to judge the effectiveness of your weapons.
11. Prove your involvement with customers and prospects by your regular follow-up with them.
12. Learn to become dependent upon other businesses and they upon you.
13. You must be skilled with the armament of guerrillas, which means technology.
14. Use marketing to gain consent from prospects and then broaden that consent so that it leads to the sale.
15. Sell the content of your offering rather than the style; sell the steak and the sizzle because people are too sophisticated to merely buy that sizzle.
16. After you have a full-fledged marketing program, work to augment it rather than rest upon your laurels.

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Guerrilla Marketing Tip:

One of the most widely distributed marketing pieces is a simple business card. Business cards date back to the 15th century in China. Take a look at your business card and ask these questions: #1 Can someone tell what you offer within a second or two? #2 Does your card stand out from the crowd? #3 Are you using the back of the card? #4 Do you have a specific call to action that is traceable back to the card?

If you answered no to any of the four questions, you have some work to do. Some Guerrilla Marketing business card tips: pick an odd shaped card or style. Plastic cards, even metal cards really stand out from the crowd. Re-design your card with the end prospect in mind. What value can you provide by transferring your business card to them?

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