Guerrilla Marketing for the Small Business

You must rely on something just as effective but less costly. I’m happy to report that your size is an ally when it comes to marketing. If you’re a small company, a new venture, or a single individual, you can use the tactics of guerrilla marketing to their fullest. You have the ability to be fast on your feet, to employ a vast array of marketing tools, to gain access to the biggest marketing brains and get them at bargain-basement prices. You may not need to use every weapon in your potential marketing arsenal, but you will need some of them. Therefore, you should know how to use them all. And the Internet must become one of your favorite comfort zones. Your business may not need to advertise. But it will need a marketing plan. Word of mouth may be so favorable and spread so rapidly that your venture can reap a fortune simply from it. If this is the case, the word of mouth was most likely motivated by an effective marketing strategy. In fact, a strong word-of-mouth campaign is part of marketing. And so are business cards, stationery, hours of operation, and the clothes you wear. Location is also important in marketing, though it is becoming more and more apparent that the best location is online.

Marketing is the painfully slow process by which you move people from their place in the sun to their place on your customer list, gently taking a grasp of the inside of their minds and never letting go. Each component that helps you sell your product or service is part of the marketing process. No detail is too insig¬nificant. In fact, the smaller the detail, the more important it is to a customer. The more you realize that, the better your marketing will be. And the better your marketing is, the more money you will make. I’m not talking about sales; I’m talking about profits—the bottom line.

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