Developing a Marketing Plan

Keep in mind that your competitors are getting smarter every single day. So your real job is to augment your marketing attack. Strengthen your plan. Beef up your website. Add a few more weapons to your arsenal. Add more fusion marketing partners. Try to earn more profits from your marketing investment. Marketing is changing daily. What new tactics and techniques might you use to get a louder bang for a smaller buck? Your friends, employees, co-workers, partners, family, and suppliers may advise you to change your marketing plan when they don’t see instant results. These same well-meaning people will question a marketing program that does not produce a dramatic increase in sales over a short period of time. And they’ll be the first to tire of your marketing, to become bored with your ads or commercials. But your customers won’t feel this way. They’ll go through the process of developing confidence in your offering, and you should do everything in your power not to undermine that process. The moral: when you do develop your marketing plan, don’t give it your stamp of approval until you are ready to commit yourself to it. Don’t approve it until you are ready to invest in it with a realistic expectation of return. And don’t implement it until you are prepared to stick with it consistently. This isn’t to say that you can’t make changes. Of course you can. But make changes while remaining consistent. You may write your finished plan in ten pages. At first, though, try to state it in one paragraph – keeping in mind that it can be stated in seven words, as you’ve seen. But let’s focus upon the gold standard – the seven-sentence guerrilla marketing strategy.

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