Short on Marketing Budget? Guerrilla Marketing May Be What You Need

Guerrilla Marketing BudgetIt is a harsh reality that businesses will find it hard to sustain their growth and push for success without marketing. Marketing is just a crucial element for any business who wants to stay thriving. There is always a constant need to be visible and be able to stand out from the competition. The sad thing is that not all businesses have the marketing budget and this is especially true for small businesses. But that is why guerrilla marketing is here.

Marketing Budget for Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that uses unconventional techniques in order to capture the attention of a business’ target audience and become memorable to them. This strategy does not require a huge capital. The only investment you will have to make here are your imagination, creativity, time and energy.

Because marketing is basically about increasing your brand exposure, this is actually the very goal of guerrilla marketing. It is a bit far from traditional marketing because traditional marketing usually utilizes paid ads shown on television, newspaper and on the radio. Guerrilla marketing on the hand uses unusual ways to capture the attention of a certain set of audience and has the potential to bring in your desired results.

It can be through foot traffic, word of mouth or even in social media channels. The wider the coverage is for your guerrilla tactics, the better. And while it offers many benefits for all businesses both big and small, it is always important to make sure that the execution is done properly, at the right place and at the right time.

Why is guerrilla marketing recommended for small businesses?

1. It can send creative messages.

One of the most important aspects of guerrilla marketing is the concept behind the design or the idea. When you come up with a concept, make sure that your design or the execution will be able to convey the message you want to get across clearly. It should not take a long time for your audience to be able to understand your message. And while you can send creative messages through guerrilla marketing, another good thing about it is that it does not have to be expensive.  With imagination and creativity, you can definitely come up with something visually effective without really spending a huge amount of money.

2. You can save more money.

A lot of companies are spending thousands of dollars for promotional marketing like commercials, direct emails, and other methods. While these forms of marketing are effective in attracting the attention of the target audience, these are expensive, especially for small businesses. You can get the same results you want without even paying a hefty price for guerrilla marketing.

3. Your advertising becomes memorable.

Guerrilla tactics have the power to make your advertising more memorable because it gives you the opportunity to think out of the box and come up with something that is surprising, unique and original. Your brand easily gets remembered because your ad stands out from the rest and it’s is not like any other. In fact, even big businesses are also adopting this method of marketing strategy because it has been proven to be effective.

4. It is excellent for small businesses whose focus is selling products and services.

Guerrilla marketing is not only helpful for companies who are selling products but even those who are selling their services. All that’s needed is imagination and creativity.

Guerrilla for Big Businesses?

The nice thing about guerrilla marketing is that it is not only exclusive for small companies and businesses because right now, many of the most popular brands in the world have also been using the same strategy. And it is not because they are running short of funds for their promotional marketing, but it is just that they have seen the value of guerrilla tactics, especially when done right. They have realized how effective it is when it comes to promoting a product.

But just like any other forms of marketing, guerrilla marketing requires careful and thorough planning, selection of the right location to target the right people. Remember, choosing a prominent location is a significant factor in the success of your guerrilla tactic.

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