Guerrilla Marketing Pro Tip: If It Works, Rinse, Repeat

They say that the human psyche hasn’t really changed over time. There are basic things that we respond to, a set of buttons that causes us to react when pushed, and so, a core principle was identified: if it works, keep using it. Take for example, the concept “sex sells everything.” They say that prostitution is the oldest job in the world, and maybe that’s true. While feminists and women’s rights advocates across the globe would be quick to point out how offensive these concepts are, the human psyche is what it is: it responds first to the basic drives. This is why some companies use busty women to make their ads effective. We at Guerrilla Marketing Training, however, don’t necessarily say that you should go and add busty women as a way to communicate “subliminal messages” all throughout your ad campaign. What we’re saying is: Your target market has a specific set of buttons that when pushed, they will respond. Your job is to figure out these buttons, push them, and repeat the process.

There’s a reason why the adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Because there’s no point in changing strategies if they bring in the results. Sure, run a parallel campaign instead, but if something works, keep it right there in your arsenal, just vary the variables.

Is the picture or idea still a little too vague for comfort? Here’s an example:

You have an events business, and you would like your neighbors to know about it. Now, you notice that there’s been a trend of weddings in your area, and you would like them to know that your services are available for them to take advantage of. You run a series of appetizer-tasting events across the malls in your cities, set for around three months. Then you run a social media campaign on Facebook, targeted for your particular community. Now, you check the stats on both types of campaigns and find that the appetizer-tasting events are more effective at getting new customers.

Which campaign should you “rinse-repeat,” then?

Of course, the campaign that worked better! In this scenario, it is then recommended that you continue the appetizer-tasting events so that you keep bringing in the new customers.

What if both actually worked, and you still got “bites” from the social media campaign? By all means, keep both!

A great marketing strategy is one which covers all bases and finds leads from all sorts of avenues. This is why a sensible business or a sensible marketing company will employ both a real-world and an online marketing strategy. As long as it gets the word out, it’s good to keep!

As you continue tracking the leads, sales conversions, and other similar metrics, you will be able to see which of your ideas actually worked and which of these brought in the good leads, and ultimately, the great sales. When you find the campaigns and strategies that brought in the most business, RINSE, REPEAT.

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