Marketing Automation Software: Why You Still Need A Marketing Team

There’s a whole slew of marketing management and automation software available. From end-to-end promotions down to customer loyalty management software and even software that manages everything from marketing to sales, there is no dearth of programs that will allow you to increase each customer’s lifetime value. Yes, you will be able to learn the ropes quickly for just a weekend or even an hour, and yes, we’re pretty sure that you’d be able to manage working with the software for your digital marketing needs, but we’re here to show you why it’s still a better idea to work with a marketing team even with these digital marketing solutions in place.


Why Do You Need a Marketing Team to Manage Your Marketing Automation Software?


1. You’ll be free to do what you do best.

The best entrepreneurs know that the best businesses are built on PASSION. In short, they are passionate about the product or idea, and the business will grow as they continue to tweak and improve the product in order to keep the sales coming in with a steady flow. With your hands free to doing what you and your company do best, you’ll be able to focus on the core of your business: your product line.

2. Multitasking never did anyone any good.

Sure, we are in the age of multitasking, however, beyond the health professionals and even WebMD’s sensible advice, the Ad geniuses at and even a contributor have cited fresh research that multitasking is not only inefficient, it may even damage your brain. In fact, goes so far as to quote UC San Diego Psychology Professor Hal Pashler as saying: “You can’t do two demanding, even simple tasks, in parallel,” the reason being that noble attempts to work on at least two challenging tasks all at once will, no doubt, lead to a massive dip in productivity. That being said, we go back to point #1. You need to delegate the marketing to your team of experts so you can focus on bringing to the table only what you are best at doing.

3. The experts know their stuff so well already.

As a person works on a task, over time, they develop mastery over the task. And so, while you, as a business owner would have to go from “Beginner” and move through the stages of mastery, “Novice” or “Advanced,” before you could call yourself an “Expert” in using marketing automation software, the team you chose, on the other hand, is already made up of experts and specialists in the field. They could plan a customized marketing strategy for your company, execute it, and if the results are positive, replicate it for the other products in your line. Trusting a team to manage marketing automation for you means trusting experts who can repeat great results over and over for you and your product lines. Think of it as having your very own dedicated team who will hand over the marketing, analytics, and eventual sales to you on a silver platter.

4. Aside from marketing campaigns, you also need to track analytics.

Marketing isn’t just about pushing out promotional materials and hoping they will convert into sales. It’s also about setting metrics and milestones, and checking if your team or your company’s efforts are converting into actual sales and profits. Marketing and analytics, themselves, are projects that could practically power a whole ‘nother company, and you wouldn’t want to add that kind of commitment to your plate. Again, delegate these details to the experts and free your hands for what you do best.

5. The marketing automation software will actually let you track your team’s progress in an almost hands-on manner, anyway.

Whether the tool is Marketo, Shopify, HubSpot, or any of the tools on this list, as a business owner, you should have access to all the marketing collaterals and the analytics reports that your team creates for you. If your team owns the software, you could always negotiate to have access to the marketing automation software dashboard. As a client, you do have the right to know how well the marketing campaigns are going. If your current team refuses to provide progress reports, maybe it’s time to shop around for a better team.

Yes, you fully understand by now how badly your beautiful and excellent products need a marketing machine to power its exposure. You may have also realized by now how crucial it is to find a marketing team to delegate the task of driving traffic to your product’s website or Facebook Page as well as to find you great leads through venues you are keen to tap. As you find your great marketing team, don’t forget to arm them with great marketing automation software, go back to what you do best, and watch the sales flood in.

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