Guerrillas Do Not Rely on Money

A bookstore owner had the misfortune of being located between two enormous book selling competitors. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one day little bookstore owner came to work to see that the competitor on his right had unfurled a huge banner reading “Monster Anniversary Sale! Prices slashed 50%!” The banner was larger than his entire storefront. Worse yet, the competitor to the left of his store had unveiled an even larger banner saying, ”Gigantic Clearance Sale! Prices reduced by 60%! Again, the banner dwarfed his storefront. What was the owner of the little bookstore in the middle to do? Being a guerrilla marketer, he created his own banner and hung it out front, simply saying “Main Entrance.” Guerrilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an out sized marketing budget. They rely instead on the brute force of a vivid imagination. Today, they are different from traditional marketers in 20 ways. There are over 200 Guerrilla Marketing weapons in the arsenal. They range from simple things like: how you answer the phone and your elevator pitch to more complex things like: Facebook marketing, radio ads and direct mail. The average business owner uses about 15 different Guerrilla Marketing weapons on a regular basis. Guerrillas are not average. If you are looking to out market your competition and leave them in the dust you need to be using between 35-45 different Guerrilla Marketing weapons on a regular basis. Review the list of 200 and see which ones you can add today!

You now hold in your hand the key to becoming part of that tiny percentage of entrepreneurs who go all the way. By realizing that many facets of your business can fall into the category of marketing, you have a head start on competitors who don’t see the difference between advertising and marketing. Visit our website!

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