Is Guerrilla Marketing Worth Trying in your Marketing Strategy?

Over the years, guerrilla marketing has gained popularity especially for startups and small businesses. It is because compared to traditional marketing; guerrilla strategy does not require a huge amount of capital just to market a business. So what happens is that instead of investing money into a campaign, you will only have to invest time, energy and creativity in order to pull off a marketing stunt and increase your brand’s exposure and visibility.

Today, small business owners are not the only ones who take advantage of guerrilla marketing. Even big brands are also exploring this marketing technique because of the way that it changes their image.

So, why is guerrilla marketing worth trying in your marketing campaign?

Guerrilla marketing does not work the way that traditional marketing works

It is not a very common technique, so if your goal is to be recognized and be able to stand out among your competitors, guerrilla marketing is your go-to solution. As for the big brands, the reason why they actually use guerrilla marketing in their campaign is because the competition is getting tougher in the market and by exploring this technique, they are able to find new and creative ways for their brand to surface above the rest. This is what helps them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Guerrilla marketing strategies gain better trust from consumers

Many consumers today already doubt traditional marketing, the ones that are shown on TV, and broadcasted on radios and published in newspapers. That’s because it is easy to pay money for these advertisements without even a guarantee that the ads are true. Another reason why people don’t like traditional advertising is because it is more manipulative and straightforward and consumers d not like that. On the other hand, guerrilla marketing uses subtle strategies that sell to your target audience without them even realizing that you are selling.

Guerrilla marketing does not put limit to your creativity

In traditional marketing, there is usually a limit to the types of words you are allowed to use and the length or the space that the ad will be taking. Guerrilla marketing, on the other hand, allows you to have a freehand on how creative you want your ad to be. You can take all the time you want to brainstorm for the most creative concept you can ever think of so you can showcase your brand the best way you know how. The only thing you just have to be careful of is that you should make sure you do not appear or sound discriminating, insulting or offensive to anyone, or your campaign might turn out to be a disaster.

Guerrilla marketing opens an opportunity for your brand to be viral

This is one of the greatest benefits of guerrilla marketing – a chance for your brand to be trending or viral especially on the social media. Because guerrilla marketing stunts are creative, there is a good chance that your brand will be able to gain attention and become viral on the internet and on the social media, especially when the stunt was delivered successfully. It could gain popularity in a blink of an eye and that is not impossible. It could even be faster than any other traditional paid ads. While it is not something that is easy to do, the fact that it is not impossible to happen will definitely make it worthwhile.

Guerrilla marketing is an effective yet low-cost strategy

If you do not have a huge amount of capital to spend on marketing your business, especially if you are just starting out, considering guerrilla marketing is the best decision you can do. Sometimes, you won’t even have to spend a single cent at all. But despite being inexpensive, it can be as competitive as any other marketing campaigns. In fact, it can even be better and more effective than the rest. All you need to invest is plenty of time, a lot of brainstorming, creativity, and research. While it is still a risk, in the end, even if it does not turn out to be successful, at least you didn’t end throwing your money away.

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