Guerrilla Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Promote Your Next Event

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that’s becoming more popular today and is now widely used because of the way it helps businesses make bold and memorable statements without having to cost a lot of money. This technique can be made possible even with a little budget because all it requires is time, imagination and creativity.

If you own a business and you need to promote an event with very limited budget, guerrilla marketing might be the answer that you are looking for. It will not be that easy though, just like any marketing strategies, but if you are able to successfully deliver it, it can do wonders for your business. And you don’t have to worry because even with a small budget, you can still make a wonderful event possible all with the help of guerrilla marketing, and all you need is just to be a little creative.

Traditional marketing has been used by hundreds and thousands of business and companies, but the number of those that explore and try their luck with guerrilla marketing is also increasing. Guerrilla techniques are just one exciting way for you to step out of your comfort zone and give your brand a fresh, interesting and exciting new start.

Here are some of the ways by which guerrilla marketing can help you promote your brand even with limited cash.

1. Leverage on social media

Social media is one of the best places today where you can give your brand the best exposure. You may not necessarily become viral in an instant but it is easier to increase the visibility of your brand in many social media channels. Just make sure that you create content that resonates your target audience and followers. It should be interesting and engaging enough to encourage response from people.

You also have to carefully choose your channel and select the one where your audience spends most of their time. It means that you have to know and understand your audience. Take time to do more research about your target consumers, then you can create an event invite on the social media channel so that you can promote your event. What’s nice about this strategy is that this can be flexible to your budget, and at the same time, you can have more people to follow you. Include attractive images, videos, and graphics to your content.

2. Reach out to bloggers and journalists

Another excellent way for you to raise awareness about your event is by contacting popular bloggers and journalists. Tell them about your upcoming event so that they can start writing about it. Also, give them a free pass to your event so that they can publish a story about it for an added exposure.

3. Flash mobs

Flash mobs are very attention grabbing, yet inexpensive way to spread stories about your event. You just need to make sure that it is well organized in order to be effective. Also, have it recorded so that you can post it online on social media for added marketing. Choose the right location for your flash mob. Have it in a place where there is heavy foot traffic like busy areas or in major train stations. The ultimate goal of this trick is to make your target audience interested by doing something memorable.

4. Outdoor murals or graffiti

Another way for you to get people talking about your event is by having it exposed through street art. You can hire an artist to draw designs that resonate your brand and your upcoming event. This is also a strategy that does not have to cost too much. You still have to be very selective in your location, just like when you do a flash mob. You need to have it drawn where it will be easily noticed by many passers by.

5. Freebies and giveaways

Everybody loves freebies and this is a great way to capture people’s attention. You can give out small and larger prizes, depending on your budget. You can also opt to look for sponsors who can give out the freebies so that you can make this possible at a minimal cost.

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