Guerrilla Tactics for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Guerrilla Tactics

A sound content marketing strategy is a must for any company these days, and if you want to see promising results in your content marketing, you would need the help of guerrilla tactics marketing. You may think that guerrilla marketing and content marketing are an unlikely combination and that they are not compatible to work together. However, today where everything seems to be depending on digitalization, it is becoming more important to find new ways to connect with people.

Guerrilla marketing, when done right, has the power to make a significant change to your brand. It can leave a lasting impression to your consumers and capture the attention of the potential consumers. All that it takes is just the right balance between guerrilla and content marketing and you are on your way to an amazing and promising online content.

For those who want and need to adopt guerrilla marketing strategy to your content marketing to promote your brand, here are some of the things that you need to know.

Tap on the biggest influencers.

If you are going to have a product launch soon, this is the best time for you to tap on your biggest influencers and offer them exclusivity when they launch your product for you. Of course, you have to give them free products in return. But you have to make sure that you pick the ones that are really considered as influencers. Know their worth. And then, that’s the time when you need to make your proposal and approach them. And just like you, they are also very much concerned about traffic so make sure that they also get additional traffic.

Continue your guerrilla marketing activity offline.

Your marketing strategy can extend online if you can pull off a successful guerrilla marketing trick. If you think that it is something that people will talk about, write a content about it. You don’t have to worry if it reaches your target market because your goal here is to be more visible and increase your brand exposure.

Remember that the only investment you need in guerrilla marketing is your creativity and imagination. If you’ve got that idea, make sure to get it out there for people to see.

Come up with a promotion.

In the marketing world, content is king. That’s because it is one of the most useful and effective ways to spark the interest of your existing consumers and the potential ones. However, even if you have a great, quality content, the challenge is how you can get people to see that and read that. This is the part where you will be making use of promotion.

This is also where guerrilla marketing comes in handy. You can have it paired with your content marketing by promoting it online. It is all about spreading awareness about your brand through guerrilla marketing stunts or activities. Examples of these are flash mobs, graffiti or public art. Anything that is creative enough that will capture the attention of the crowd and give them an idea about your brand and who you are.

Create an ad with an element of humor.

Funny ads have the power to make the viewers stop and pay attention. However, it is really not that easy to make one. At the same time, you also need to make sure that it is not only funny and captivating, but it should also be able to send your message across. If done right, you have a great chance for sales conversion. You should also not forget that your ultimate goal is to have a viral content.

Just know that it is not easy to come up with a successful campaign right away. Success here does not happen overnight but you there are a few things that you have to remember. First, you should never stop trying. Failure is expected but the lessons you’ll learn will pay off in the end. Second, you need to be original and unique and you should not be seen as someone who just keeps on imitating another brand. Lastly, always consider your audience with your campaigns. It is important that you are in tune with them.

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