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A major marketing secret is to make your marketing consistent. Don’t change media. Don’t change messages. Don’t vary your graphic format. Change your offers and headlines if you wish, even your prices, but do not change your identity. Don’t drop out of the public eye for long periods. When you are ready to market your product or service, be prepared to put the word out consistently. When a guerrilla marketer uses the mass media, he or she does what is necessary to make them effective, therefore inexpensive. A guerrilla is not intimidated by the mass media. Guerrillas must use the mass media with precision, carefully measure the results, and make the media part of an overall marketing plan. When guerrillas use the media, they must rely on intuition and business acumen. Maxi-media marketing is about two things: selling, and creating a powerful desire to buy. Also, maxi-media marketing enhances the success of mini-media marketing — response rates to simple circulars jump when radio advertising blazes the way for them, and telemarketing results improve when TV spots pre-sell the market. Guerrillas wage and win marketing battles by using mini and maxi weapons. Maxi weapons make the other marketing weapons work more effectively, and maxi weapons are coming down in price

Consistently means regularly—and for a goodly period of time. It means that instead of running a couple of large newspaper ads once every few months, you’ll run smaller newspaper ads, and run them frequently. Instead of airing fifty-five radio commercials in one week every few months, run twelve radio commercials per week every week. You can even drop out of sight one week out of four. As long as you are a consistent marketer, you can pull out of the media for brief periods. Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales. If your products or services are of sufficient quality, your confidence in your offering will attract buyers more than any other attribute.

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