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Who are your A-list customers? An a-list customer is your best customer. They are the ones who drive the most profits to your business, they are the ones who are a joy to work with and often they are the ones who send the most referrals your way. Do you have an easy way to separate these customers from the rest? Treat all your customers well, but treat your A-list customers like gold. Send them birthday cards, holiday cards, random gifts and fun surprises. The simple things go a long way! Remember, time, energy, imagination instead of lots of money. Half an hour. That’s all it takes today to design a newsletter that would do any small-business owner proud. With easy-as-pie software, it’s not a matter of creating new designs—you can choose from a generous selection of past designs. Select page designs, artwork, formats, mastheads, and typefaces by pointing and clicking. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how creative you can be, at how much money you can earn by creating a broad array of weapons, and at how much money you can save by doing it on your own. Your kid can probably do it for you. Of course, many newsletters today are sent digitally. Everyone knows that. But here’s what people are just getting around to knowing: time is too precious for long newsletter. So now there are one-page newsletters, an idea born in the mind of Roger C. Parker, and brought to vivid life at his website:

As with standard newsletters, these should be sent at least once a month. Once every two months is the outside limit if you’re publishing a real newsletter, the kind that habituates readers. And as with old-fashioned, longer newsletters, they should adhere to the 75-25 rule: 75% of your newsletter should give solid information of worth and value, while 25% can give selling information. With public domain materials so free and available, it shouldn’t be difficult to fill a newsletter, even a long one.

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