Post Transaction Marketing is Important

Why do most businesses lose customers? Poor service? Nope. Poor quality? Nope. Well, then why? Apathy after the sale. Most businesses lose customers by ignoring them to death. A numbing 68% of all business lost in America is lost due to apathy after the sale. Misguided business owners think that marketing is over once they’ve made the sale. Wrong. Marketing begins once you’ve made the sale. It’s of momentous importance to you and your company that you understand this. First of all, understand how guerrillas view follow up. They make it part of their DNA because they know it now costs six times more to sell something to a new customer than to an existing customer. When a guerrilla makes a sale, the customer receives a follow-up thank-you note within 48 hours. The guerrilla sends another note or perhaps makes a phone call 30 days after the sale. This contact is to see if everything is going all right with the purchase and if the customer has any questions. It is also to help solidify the relationship. Guerrillas know that the way to develop relationships is through assiduous customer follow-up and prospect follow-up. Guerrillas send their customers another note within 90 days, this time informing them of a new and related product or service. Possibly it’s a new offering that the guerrilla business now provides. And maybe it’s a product or service offered by one of the guerrilla’s fusion marketing partners. Very frequently, you’ll send five emails, post five signs, have a killer website, run a quarter-page magazine ad in a local magazine, then have a PR story placed in a local paper. People will see this marketing, then decide to patronize your business. You’ll ask them, “Where did you first hear of us?” The answer you’ll often get: “A friend recommended you.” No wonder you’ll get a large number of word-of-mouth customers.

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