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Short on Marketing Budget? Guerrilla Marketing May Be What You Need

It is a harsh reality that businesses will find it hard to sustain their growth and push for success without marketing. Marketing is just a crucial element for any business who wants to stay thriving.

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6 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Help Small Businesses

Most of the small businesses have a very little budget allotted for marketing, and this is one of their biggest challenges. It is important for any business to invest in marketing because they need to

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Guerrilla Tactics for Your Content Marketing Strategy

A sound content marketing strategy is a must for any company these days, and if you want to see promising results in your content marketing, you would need the help of guerrilla tactics marketing. You

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Memorable Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Can Adopt

Not all businesses and companies have a budget allotted for marketing and advertisement. Small businesses, most especially, would rather save their capital for other expenses because of the fact that

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Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents

Guerrilla marketing as a strategy has gained popularity for the way it has been effective when it comes to capturing the attention of audiences and target market of businesses, to its unconventional and

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What is Online Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that is named after the irregular tactics that were used during warfare. Now, it is being used by small businesses and companies to promote their brand and

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Reminders for Succeeding in your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

One of the things people love about guerrilla marketing is its cost efficiency. Of all the marketing strategies used by many companies and businesses, this is the one that has been proven to be effective,

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Guerrilla Marketing Tip:

One of the most widely distributed marketing pieces is a simple business card. Business cards date back to the 15th century in China. Take a look at your business card and ask these questions: #1 Can someone tell what you offer within a second or two? #2 Does your card stand out from the crowd? #3 Are you using the back of the card? #4 Do you have a specific call to action that is traceable back to the card?

If you answered no to any of the four questions, you have some work to do. Some Guerrilla Marketing business card tips: pick an odd shaped card or style. Plastic cards, even metal cards really stand out from the crowd. Re-design your card with the end prospect in mind. What value can you provide by transferring your business card to them?

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