40 Incredibly Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas by People Who Deserve a Raise

Guerrilla marketing offers many enormous benefits to small businesses and companies for any forward-thinking brand. It has a huge potential to create a big buzz only if it is done effectively. It is also excellent for those who cannot afford to hire a marketing consultant and those who are facing budget setbacks.

Guerrilla marketing, to simply define it, is what enables a business to achieve conventional goals with the use of unconventional methods, including investing in ideas and energy instead of money. These marketing strategies yield amazing and massive results by simply making use of time, energy, and imagination instead of a marketing budget.

Here are 40 of the best and most creative examples of guerrilla marketing ideas:

1. Superette – Short Shorts

This is the bench that turns you to an instant model if you are wearing very short shorts.
(via Trends Now)

Superette – Short Shorts

2. Spiderman 2

This urinal that stands out will never go unnoticed. Pretty clever, indeed.
(via Business Week)

Spiderman 2

3. Folgers Coffee

With this coffee as hot as Folgers Coffee in New York, I am not sure why you would not want to go and grab a coffee there. (via Gothamist)

Folgers Coffee

4. Mr. Proper

Of all the people who pass by this lane, I don’t believe there would be anyone who would not notice this ad. (via Hungry for ads)

 Mr. Proper

5. FedEx Bubble Wrap Bench

This ad only shows that FedEx can practically ship anything you want to be shipped, including benches. This was conceptualized by BBDO New York, which was created to announce the opening of FedEx Kinko’s branches in remote locations. (via advertolog)

FedEx Bubble Wrap Bench

6. Skinny Bench for Skinny People

There’s got to be a lot of meaning in here. For one, you can’t sit here if you do not lose some weight, which is a reminder for overweight or obese people to watch out for their health. This bench donated by Slim Fast is actually helping people get to the right direction. (via scaryideas)

Skinny Bench for Skinny People

7. Kitkat Bench

This bench that looks like partially unwrapped Kitkat chocolate had many passersby suddenly crave for chocolate covered wafers. Definitely a perfect fit. Why didn’t they think about this earlier? (via Noah Dylan GoldBlatt)

Kitkat Bench

8. National Geographic Shark Bus

When you enter this bus of National Geographic, you will look like you are entering the mouth of a shark with this optical illusion. (via cool optical illusions)

National Geographic Shark Bus

9. Submerged Gotham

I don’t think there is a better way to advertise the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” than by showing an illusion that NYC has been submerged by the waters. (via Business Week)

Submerged Gotham

10. Dental Implants

This one is an unforgettable ad. Surely enough, all the bowlers who have been there remembered the message. (via AdGoodness)

Dental Implants

11. 3M Security Glass

Just an excellent way to prove the quality of their product. But I still highly doubt if it has real bills there inside. (via Business Week)

3M Security Glass

12. The Sopranos Campaign

This is one creepy campaign ad but is definitely eye-catching and noticeable. No one would ever miss it. (via Hungry for Ads)

The Sopranos Campaign

13. Vijay Barbecue Sales

It is a very brilliant and inexpensive way to campaign your ad and a creative way to advertise with the use of street materials. (via smooth Harold)

Vijay Barbecue Sales

14. Looking for Seafood

There could not be any better way to let tourists and guests explore than by leaving shells all around the beach. (via Farmittlung)

Looking for Seafood

15. Big Pilot’s Watches

An excellent way to lead people and potential customers to the shop.

Big Pilot’s Watches

16. Alteco Superglue

One great way to point out the superior strength of the glue. (via I Believe in Advertising)

Alteco Superglue

17. Greenpeace: Tree

The picture shows what will happen to the world if deforestation continues. (via Bored Panda)

Greenpeace: Tree

18. Alzheimer’s New Zealand: Eraser USB Stick

There are actual working erasers which are designed to fit with memory sticks. The message says that Alzheimer’s erases a person’s memories and that is why these memories have to be saved.

Alzheimer’s New Zealand: Eraser USB Stick

19. Comedy Central: Hand

(via Rod Henriques)

Comedy Central: Hand

20. Total Nutrition Corporation, GNC Burn 60: Burn Bag

A creative way to encourage people to lose weight by advertising a bag.
(via Bored Panda)

Total Nutrition Corporation, GNC Burn 60: Burn Bag

21. “Use Only What You Need” Bench

This bench was created by Sukle Advertising & Design advertising agency for Denver Water which sends a very simple message: use only what you need. (via adsneeze)

“Use Only What You Need” Bench

22. Collapsing Bench for Special K

This bench by one cereal brand in Germany was specially made so that people will have to think about how heavy they are. (via Coloribus)

Collapsing Bench for Special K

23. A Weighty Matter

If collapsing seats do not work, here is another way to remind the overweight or obese public. This one is found in Amsterdam. (via Business Week)

A Weighty Matter

24. Nivea Is Finally Saying Goodbye to Cellulite

This is one ad by Nivea that promotes its Goodbye-Cellulite lotion, which implies how smooth skin is superior to cellulite. (via DirectDaily)

Nivea Is Finally Saying Goodbye to Cellulite

25. Home Ikea Bench Makeover

Ikea only proves that even the ugliest bench can be transformed into a comfortable space to relax with the help of inexpensive accessories and fabric. (via Culture-buzz)

Home Ikea Bench Makeover

26. Istanbul’s Book Benches

(via adrants)

Istanbul’s Book Benches

27. Extra Safe Credit Union Ad

(via thefinancialbrand)

Extra Safe Credit Union Ad

28. Gold’s Gym Elevator

(via ads of the world)

Gold’s Gym Elevator

29. Amnesty International

This one is sending a powerful message to raise awareness about human rights.
(via stylemag.net)

Amnesty International

30. Axe Exit

(via CherryFlava)

Axe Exit

31. Casino Di Venezia

You would also probably hope for luck while you are standing around, waiting for your luggage.
(via adoholik)

Casino Di Venezia

32. New Superman Movie

(via kickvick)

Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

33. McDonald’s Fries

Even if you are not a fan of their fries, you know you would be thinking about it when you walk by. (via kickvick)

McDonald’s Fries

34. Hubba Bubba Roll

This is a perfect definition of what “long lasting” really means.
(via kickvick)

Hubba Bubba Roll

35. Coca-Cola’s Going to Quench Your Thirst

(via kickvick)

Coca-Cola’s Going to Quench Your Thirst

36. IBM

IBM’s really being “smart” in here.
(via kickvick)


37. Nike Allowing You No Rest

Like what Nike would always say, “just do it.”
(via kickvick)

Nike Allowing You No Rest

38. A Truck-sized Mars Candy Bar

(via kickvick)

A Truck-sized Mars Candy Bar

39. Any Better Shower Than This?

Sprite will always keep you refreshed.
(via kickvick)

Any Better Shower Than This?

40. Proof of Ariel White

(via kickvick)

Proof of Ariel White

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