7 Steps for Successful Marketing

When you create your marketing program, your first step is to write a simple creative strategy such as Energizer may have done to focus on their durability. Practice first by writing creative strategies for current advertisers. Pick a newspaper advertiser, a television advertiser, a Web site, and a direct-mail advertiser; then compose three-sentence creative strategies that apply to each of them. Do the same for your competitors. This will guide you in establishing your own positioning and prevent you from imitating other marketing campaigns. After you’ve devised your strategy—one to which you’ve devoted much time and thought—you can embark on a seven-step program to assure yourself of successful marketing. Let’s check all seven steps.


1. Find the inherent drama within your offering. After all, you plan to make money by selling a product or a service or both.

2. Translate that inherent drama into a meaningful benefit. Always remember that people buy benefits, not features.

3. State your benefits in as believable a way as possible. There is a world of difference between honesty and believability.

4. Get people’s attention. People do not pay attention to advertising; they pay attention only to things that interest them. Sometimes they find those things in advertising.

5. Motivate your audience to get involved. Tell the people to visit the store.

6. Be sure you are communicating clearly. You know what you’re talking about, but do your readers or listeners? Recognize that people aren’t thinking about your business and that they’ll only give about half their attention to your ad.

7. Measure your finished advertisement, commercial, letter, website and/or brochure against your creative strategy.

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