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6 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Help Small Businesses

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Most of the small businesses have a very little budget allotted for marketing, and this is one of their biggest challenges. It is important for any business to invest in marketing because they need to stand out, especially in a market where the competition is tough.

The good news is that there is a low-cost marketing strategy that small businesses can leverage on – guerrilla marketing.

The very core of guerrilla marketing is using unconventional methods of capturing the attention of the audience and making sure that you are remembered. It is a low-cost marketing strategy that does not require you to spend money, but rather invest time, energy, creativity and imagination.

If you are currently running a small business or planning to launch one soon, here are some of the tactics you can consider.

1. Customized calendars

You can make your own custom calendar that you can give to your existing customers and even your potential customers. For each page or month, make sure that you indicate your contact information like your address and email address. And since you are personalizing this calendar, you can make it unique by including testimonials of your customers. The nice thing about this is that you can have it designed any way that you like.

2. Unique and creative business cards

Who says business cards are already dead? It may already be 2017 but business cards are still widely used in many companies and businesses around the world. This is something that you can also use for your guerrilla marketing strategy. Stand out by making your business cards unique and creative. Standard business cards are formal and simple. You can make yours a little bit different by thinking out of the box. What matters is that you have your business name there, and all your contact information is there.

3. Games and contests

Using games and competitions is another excellent way to capture the attention of the public. This is a good way for them to engage, and at the same time, it will be something that will be enjoyable and memorable. You need to make sure you have prizes prepared for the winners. Have them stay tuned to updates on your website for the winners and let them claim the prizes in your store. This way, you are driving traffic not only to your shop but also on your website. When people also participate, there is a good chance for these events to be posted on the social media. And when it happens, there is also a possibility for you to be trending on the social media channels.

4. Graffiti

Graffiti does not just have to be referred to as the spray paint and any random writings on the wall. Graffiti can be done legally if you follow the right processes and procedures before making one. The goal of this marketing strategy is that you capture attention through your painting while making sure that you are sending a strong message across to your target audience. It should be a colorful art that’s attractive enough to make heads turn. Just make sure that you do not forget to include your brand.

5. Awards

Competing for an award is another effective guerilla marketing strategy that you can try. You can vie for an award that is related to your industry or niche. There are many positive things that you can get if you get awarded. Your brand will become popular which means more traffic for your business. You will be able to establish a good reputation.

You don’t necessarily have to go after the big awards. You just have to make sure that you join because it’s worth a try.

6. Charity donations

For a marketing strategy that requires very little investment, you can also try donating to a charity. People are inclined to patronize and admire businesses that are generous and the ones that know how to love and care. If they know that part of your profit goes to a good cause like helping out charities, they will be more than glad to purchase from you because they will feel like they’re helping out, too.

Choose a charity you would like to extend your help to, and be consistent with it.

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Guerrilla Marketing Tip:

One of the most widely distributed marketing pieces is a simple business card. Business cards date back to the 15th century in China. Take a look at your business card and ask these questions: #1 Can someone tell what you offer within a second or two? #2 Does your card stand out from the crowd? #3 Are you using the back of the card? #4 Do you have a specific call to action that is traceable back to the card?

If you answered no to any of the four questions, you have some work to do. Some Guerrilla Marketing business card tips: pick an odd shaped card or style. Plastic cards, even metal cards really stand out from the crowd. Re-design your card with the end prospect in mind. What value can you provide by transferring your business card to them?

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