Guerrilla Marketing Examples: The Top 9 of the Year 2016

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

You may be new to the concept of guerrilla marketing. However, if you own a small to medium business (actually even a big one), you may use guerrilla marketing to your advantage. Guerrilla marketing as described is an unconventional way to market your products and services. Today, we’ll look at guerrilla marketing examples of the year 2016. You may wonder why we’re going to look at the year 2016 when guerrilla marketing has better examples from way back. This is actually very important for you to see the latest marketing innovations that other companies have done. By having a more recent take on guerrilla marketing examples, you’ll see great differences in how fast ideas change.


What is guerrilla marketing?

We’ve basically told you the basics of guerrilla marketing. It is, again, an unconventional and innovative way to market your products and services. However, this isn’t just the reason why it’s called guerrilla marketing. It’s also because of the amount of money a company will spend on marketing. If you have a very innovative marketing team, you and your company would be able to spend between $0 and $100,000 for a marketing campaign. This is a very big range as it really depends on what your company will do. There are several techniques you can choose from and see what better fits your budget as well as your company. If you see the guidelines in the linked article, you’ll be able to see how to maximize the potential of your guerrilla marketing campaign. Furthermore, you’ll be able to know more information on how guerrilla marketing can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run.

Popular types of guerrilla marketing

There is actually no popular type of guerrilla marketing. It is all dependent on what you think best suits you. The number one type of guerrilla marketing that most small businesses use is Wild Posting Marketing. Wild posting is what it is. It’s when a company or business prints out a lot of stickers, posters, or handouts. This is very common for smaller businesses and companies as it costs the least amount of money while grabbing attention as well. A great example of wild posting could be like the “lost” paper handouts. However, business-wise, it is more like posting a lot of these papers to grab attention from passers-by. Check out this example of a ballet class marketing campaign.

As you can see, it’s simple and it also shows the tutu of a ballet dancer. Whose attention wouldn’t be caught with that pretty thing? If you need more examples, you can check out this supermarket’s way of selling their fruits. It’s both funny and enticing to see and read.

Guerilla marketing is usually done to catch the attention of people who see it. There are so many examples of guerrilla marketing that have made its rounds. If you know big company rivalries like Coca-Cola versus Pepsi or McDonald’s versus Burger King, you may have already seen a form of ambush marketing. Ambush guerrilla marketing is basically riding on another’s popularity.

Although these examples are old, they are still gold!

As you can see, there are many ways to do ambush marketing. These are just two examples to give you a look-see at how it works. Beyond these, you’ve also got Experiential Marketing. This may be what everyone aims to do, but it’s very difficult to execute. There are several ways to do experiential guerrilla marketing. Take for example the Philippines’ Department of Tourism. They set up a booth out in the middle of the busiest train stations in London to give people an experience they’ll never forget.

This project received both good and bad reviews, as many visitors of the Philippines saw one part that wasn’t advertised, which was Manila. Manila was considered very different from what was marketed, but it is usually where people have to enter before getting a flight to other places. Beyond this campaign, though, the Philippines’ tourism bloomed in those places.

Furthermore, in the year 2016 and 2017, it was, and still is, expected for experiential guerrilla marketing to become more expensive. It’s important to know this because innovation and change are always among us. Before, if a company wanted to set up a kiosk in the mall to provide experiential marketing, it would be easier. However, with technology advancing, marketers would have to use these innovative tools to ensure that technology, engagement, and social are all integrated into one campaign.

More guerrilla marketing ideas

You’ll surely need more inspiration when coming up with ideas for your guerrilla marketing campaigns. So, check this video out. You’ll see how witty and creative some companies and businesses can be in order to grab attention.

Although these examples aren’t as new as the other examples, you’ll still be able to get a gist of how to grab people’s attention. Not only are these creative advertising, but they also have a revenue increase. Many companies who have successfully executed their marketing campaigns have always seen a spark of interest in their products and services. Remember, though, that guerrilla marketing can be used for any type of business. If you’re in real estate, plumbing, auto sale, or anything under the sun, guerrilla marketing can work for you to increase and drive sales toward you. They should usually be simple and something out of the ordinary. According to many sites, they also say that with guerrilla marketing, anything can be your canvas. You could use the floor of a really crowded mall or even the wall of the really busy street. The most important thing to do is to grab attention. Before leaving you off to brainstorm your own ideas, we’d just like to leave you with some of the key things you may need for your guerrilla marketing campaign.

  • Guerrilla marketing is using low-budget yet unconventional marketing to grab potential consumers’ attention (and their wallets).

  • Make sure to use humor and authenticity, so your brand can become memorable.

  • If needed, repurpose familiar tools like social media to aid in a more successful campaign.

There you have it! Check back again soon for more Guerrilla Marketing Ideas!

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