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News Flash: Guerrilla Marketing Is NOT Show Business

In the chapter “What Guerrilla Marketing Is Not” in The Best of Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing Remix by Jay Conrad Levinson, he pointed out one very important idea that Guerrilla Marketing

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What You Need to Know About Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Guerrilla Marketing, which was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book “Guerrilla Advertising,” refers to the advertising strategy which focuses on the low-cost original marketing techniques

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Guerrilla Marketing Strategy: Emotions Triggered by Your Marketing Stunts

Let’s face it: emotions are a bigger driver of purchases, as opposed to logic and rational weighing of pros and cons. This principle was put forth by the Father of Guerrilla Marketing himself, Jay Conrad

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Why Analytics and Stats Are Important in a Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

A very important feature of guerrilla marketing is how the discipline is supposed to bring in results. And the primary ways by which results are measured and tracked are through metrics, statistics, and

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How to Effectively Use Subliminal Marketing in Your Overall Ad Strategy

One thing that advertising campaign strategists often like to explore is how to apply “subliminal marketing” into their work. In 1957, author Vance Packard claimed in his book “The Hidden Persuaders”

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A Guide to Make Guerrilla Marketing Work for You

A business or company can make use of a wide variety of marketing strategies, but the type of tactics to be used will depend on the business needs. For small businesses, guerrilla marketing might be what

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Guerrilla Marketing Tips:

What is the form of marketing that everyone is clambering towards? Online marketing. What happens where there is more demand than supply? Prices start to rise and land grabs start to happen quite fast.

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16 Secrets to Small Business Success

If you have a small business and want it to become a large business, forget it—until you put these sixteen secrets into practice. If you allow these concepts to become part of your mental marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing for the Small Business

You must rely on something just as effective but less costly. I’m happy to report that your size is an ally when it comes to marketing. If you’re a small company, a new venture, or a single individual,

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Guerrillas Do Not Rely on Money

A bookstore owner had the misfortune of being located between two enormous book selling competitors. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one day little bookstore owner came to work to see that the competitor

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Newsletters – Easy and Effective

Who are your A-list customers? An a-list customer is your best customer. They are the ones who drive the most profits to your business, they are the ones who are a joy to work with and often they are

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Print-on-Demand Publishing

Profits from print-on-demand publishing are on a per sale basis and the amount of commission will often vary depending on the route by which the item is sold. Highest profits are usually generated from

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Guerrilla Marketing Tip:

One of the most widely distributed marketing pieces is a simple business card. Business cards date back to the 15th century in China. Take a look at your business card and ask these questions: #1 Can someone tell what you offer within a second or two? #2 Does your card stand out from the crowd? #3 Are you using the back of the card? #4 Do you have a specific call to action that is traceable back to the card?

If you answered no to any of the four questions, you have some work to do. Some Guerrilla Marketing business card tips: pick an odd shaped card or style. Plastic cards, even metal cards really stand out from the crowd. Re-design your card with the end prospect in mind. What value can you provide by transferring your business card to them?

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